Installing FirePackage but getting Microsoft error 1722

Q: On installing AVT FirePackage I get Microsoft error 1720 or error 1722.  Please advise what this means and how to overcome.


A: The most common source of this problem is choosing "install driver" but not having a 1394 Firewire card installed.  See screenshots/explanations for more info.

If the above tips do not clear your problem, we recommend using diagnostic logging mode as described below.

Please see Troubleshooting MSI Error 1720 and command-line options of Windows Installer for logging.
e.g.: msiexec /i AVTFirePackage.msi /lv* msi.log

Please examine the log files for error codes if you are comfortable and get an "aha" insight, or send them to us for further analysis, at  Also tell us what brand and model of PC you are using, with what OS and Service Pack, and with what brand and model of 1394 adapter card.


Yet another possibility:

Sequence described in

recommends installing resource at





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