Adaptor to use with Canon lens that controls focus and iris

The EF232 adapter is available from Birger Engineering.  The standard product sold by Birger is for C-mount cameras.  The EF232 mount supports motorized iris and focus, it does not support motorized zoom.  It is limited to EF and EFs lenses.  There is no auto-focus or auto-iris functionality out of the box.  This feature requires analyzing incoming images using our SDK and could be developed by the customer.  The EF232 adapter  from Birger compatible with C-mount cameras can be used with the Pike F-421 or GE2040 camera without any modifications.

To enable the EF mount on our large format cameras, AVT Canada created a mechanical customization to mount the adapter onto the GE4000, GE4900 and now the GX3300 cameras.

For more details, or to order, please contact your AVT distributor or technical sales representative.


Categories: Pike, GE-Series, GX-Series


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