AVT Fire4Linux - for FireWire cameras

Supported Cameras: Stingray, Pike, Guppy, Guppy PRO, Marlin and Oscar

AVT Fire4Linux is an all-embracing SDK optimized for use with AVT 1394 cameras. Thereby the provided source code allows an easy migration to almost any Linux distribution. The Package is based on standardized Linux drivers and libraries for FireWire cameras and is available free of charge.

The standard programming interface libdc1394 has been extended by specific methods to control special AVT 1394 camera features. AVT SmartFeatures can easily be applied in Linux based image processing solutions.
Additionally, the Fire4Linux package contains a high-featured viewer application to enable the comfortable control and testing of many AVT camera SmartFeatures as well as to capture images.

To ease the use of this SDK especially for Linux beginners the package supports also several standard packet managers. Therewith, it is not necessary to install a complete development environment.

AVT Fire4Linux – The complete package for the Linux world

Operating Systems:
Linux (all distributions)
Mac OS X (restricted usage only, see more info for details)