Play to Win - Guppy PRO Ultra-Compact FireWire Cameras

When you have only one chance to play, Guppy PRO is the one to grab. Based on the successful AVT Guppy, Guppy PRO has been retooled to be the prized camera for low-cost, plug-and-play applications. If you’re going to play, go for the biggest prize.
Go Guppy PRO.

Small is Beautiful: Ultra-Compact Form Factor

The Guppy pioneered the ultra-compact machine vision market. The new Guppy PRO is even smaller with its ultra-compact, 29 x 29 x 29 mm housing, which makes it one of the smallest FireWire cameras in the machine vision market. Thanks to this small package, there is no question the Guppy PRO will fit into your image processing system, even with space constraints.

Faster FireWire Interface with IEEE1394b

The new Guppy PRO models are equipped with a fast FireWire interface with up to 800 Mb/s, allowing for higher frame rates and faster transfer of color or 8-bit mode images and offering more bandwidth for multi-camera applications. With up to 120 fps at full VGA resolution, the Guppy PRO is twice as fast as the Guppy.

6 Models from VGA to 5 Megapixel

At market introduction, the Guppy PRO is available in six versions with resolutions ranging from VGA (0.3 Megapixel) to 5 Megapixel. Each resolution is available both in monochrome and color.

Frame rate
Guppy PRO F-031 Sony ICX618
121 fps
Guppy PRO F-032 Sony ICX424
79 fps
Guppy PRO F-125 Sony ICX445
1.2 Megapixel
30 fps
Guppy PRO F-146 Sony ICX267
1.4 Megapixel
17 fps
Guppy PRO F-201 Sony ICX274
2 Megapixel
14 fps
Guppy PRO F-503 Aptina MP031 CMOS
5 Megapixel
13 fps

Low Cost, High Value – Made in Germany

The Guppy PRO offers optimal performance thanks to its AVT smart features (AOI, lookup tables, debayering, color correction, gain, exposure, binning, etc.) packaged in a robust, high-quality metal housing. The best part is: you can get all this for an incredibly attractive price.
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