Digital Cameras to Optimize Logistics Applications

Machine vision cameras from Allied Vision Technologies make it possible to optimize and automate your mail, packaging line and other logistics applications by identifying and tracking bar codes and other patterns on fast moving objects.


High Resolution

For applications that need high resolution and crisp image quality to capture shots of the smallest bar codes and other patterns look no further than our 11 Megapixel Pike F-1100 and Prosilica GE4000, our 16 Megapixel Pike F-1600 and Prosilica GE4900 or our latest 29 Megapixel Prosilica GX6600 camera with dual Gigabit Ethernet output.

» 16 Megapixel at work case study


“Freezing the shot” with fast frame rates

AVT offers cameras with fast frame rates that are able to “freeze the shot” for logistics applications that need to process large quantities of items in constant motion while maintaining a high accuracy rate. Check out our 400fps Bonito cameras with a Camera Link Full + interface or our compact and GigE Vision compliant Prosilica GC660 camera.

» Freezing the shot case study – 10,000 bar codes scanned per hour


Easy Integration

Whether you require a single or multiple cameras for your logistics application AVT cameras are easy to integrate into any system thanks to our Software Development Kits that are available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and QNX.  You will get started in no time.


Get Started

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