03 November 2011

The Fantastic Four – AVT Bonito

The new Bonito high-speed camera from Allied Vision Technologies delivers up to 400 images per second at almost 4-megapixel resolution.

At VISION 2011, Allied Vision Technologies presents a new camera family that combines high resolution with very high image rates. The Bonito originated at AVT’s new location in Osnabrück (formerly VDS Vosskühler).
4 -megapixel CMOS sensor
The Bonito is equipped with a CMOS sensor and offers 4-megapixel resolution (2320 x 1726). Thanks to global shutter and short exposure times, it can capture rapidly moving objects distortion-free.
The AVT Bonito is available alternatively in a monochrome or color versions with a C-Mount, F-Mount or EF-Mount.

About 400 fps at full resolution
Courtesy of its dual 10-tap Camera Link Full+ interface, the Bonito is capable of transferring up to 386 images per second at full resolution. However, with just one 10-tap Camera Link channel, the camera can be operated at a reduced image rate of 193 fps (frames per second). For applications where this lower image rate suffices, AVT offers all Bonito models in an entry-level version with 193 fps.

Those who do not require the sensor’s full 4-megapixel resolution can still achieve higher image rates with the AVT Bonito. To achieve this, the ROI (Region of Interest) function is available, which reduces the resolution of only a portion of the image to be transmitted, raising the image rate accordingly. Thus, the Bonito delivers far over 1,000 fps with the appropriate ROI adjustment.

As a high-output, high-speed camera, the Bonito is especially suited for demanding industrial, scientific and medical imaging applications where rapid motion sequences must be inspected with the highest precision. The Bonito is now available.

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