Prosilica GC Literature

GC-Series: GC brochure, GC datasheet, GC Technical Manual (user manual)

Technical Manual


1.7 M

Prosilica GC Installation Guide


AVT GigE Camera and Driver Features

For use with VIMBA SDK (and GenICam compliant 3rd-party software solutions)

AVT GigE Camera and Driver Features

AVT GigE Camera and Driver Attributes

For use with PvAPI SDK

AVT GigE Camera and Driver Attributes

3D CAD Drawings (EASM files)

Manipulate and measure Allied Vision Technologies cameras in 3D

E-drawings are 3D models that can be used to inspect the internal structure of the cameras, to measure critical dimensions, and to create various cross-section views.

Install the free eDrawings viewer from Solid Works. To download the solid model, right-click the link for the camera model of interest, and select save as .easm (if the download dialog suggests saving as .html, delete .html and change the file name extension manually to .easm). You can make measurements, and view sections and individual parts of the cameras.

>> Download the eDrawings Viewer

3D CAD Drawings (STEP, STP files)

Please right-click the link of a 3D camera model and select save as to download the file. After downloading, please unzip the STEP file. 

You need a 3D CAD viewer application to view and measure the STEP files. 

Download a STEP viewer free of charge: