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5 Megapixel GigE camera, ICX655 - PoE option

The Manta G-504B/C is a 5 Megapixel GigE Vision camera with the Sony ICX655 sensor. It runs at 9 fps (full resolution).
The camera incorporates three LUTs, sophisticated color correction algorithms, a robust metal housing, and many modular options like angled heads or board level versions. Manta cameras cover a wide range of imaging applications. The Manta is optionally available with PoE (Power over Ethernet).

  • Sony ICX655 (type 2/3), 5 Megapixels
  • Sync modes
    • Trigger ready, trigger input, exposing, readout, imaging, strobe, GPO
  • Trigger
    • External trigger event: rising/falling/any edge, level high/low
    • External trigger delay: 0 to 60 seconds in 1 µs increments
  • Modular options
    • Various IR cut/pass filters
    • Board level version
    • Angled head
    • White medical design
    • PoE (Power over Ethernet)
Manta G-504
Interface IEEE 802.3 1000BASE-T, IEEE 802.3af (PoE) optional
Resolution 2452 x 2056
Sensor Sony ICX655
Sensor type CCD Progressive
Sensor size Type 2/3
Cell size 3.45 µm
Lens mount C/CS-Mount
Max frame rate at full resolution 9 fps
A/D 14 bit
On-board FIFO 32 MB
Bit depth 8-12 bit
Mono modes Mono8, Mono12, Mono12Packed
Color modes YUV YUV411, YUV422, YUV444
Color modes RGB RGB24, BGR24
Raw modes BayerGB8, BayerGB12, BayerGB12Packed
General purpose inputs/outputs (GPIOs)
Opto-coupled I/Os 2 inputs, 2 outputs
RS-232 1
Operating conditions/Dimensions
Operating temperature +5 °C ... +45 °C
Power requirements (DC) 8 V - 30 V
Power consumption (12 V) <3.9 W
Mass <200 g
Body Dimensions
(L x W x H in mm)
86.4 x 44 x 29 mm incl. connectors
Regulations CE, FCC Class B, RoHS

Download Manta technical drawing (click here)

  • ROI (Region of Interest Readout)
  • Exposure
    • Auto/one push/programmable
    • Exposure time 38 µs to 60 s
  • White balance
    • Auto/one push/programmable
  • On-board debayering
  • Hue, saturation, sharpness (color versions)
  • Gain
    • Auto/one push/programmable
    • Manual gain control: 0 to 32 dB (1 dB/step)
  • Three look-up tables (LUTs), gamma correction
  • DSP subregion (selectable ROI for auto features)
  • Binning (up to 8 x 14, independent x and y binning)
  • Sub-sampling (decimation)
  • Stream hold
  • StreamBytesPerSecond (easy bandwidth control)
  • Event channel
  • Chunk data
  • 5 storable user sets

The Manta G-504B/C is a 5 Megapixel GigE Vision camera with an outstanding price/performance ratio. On request, board level versions with separate sensor head (up to 200 mm distance to camera mainboard) are available. Thanks to the three LUTs (separate R, G, and B control), color correction features and the PoE option, this Manta camera suits a large variety of imaging applications.


  • Industrial inspection with high resolution
  • Automation
  • Logistics
  • Science and research
  • Healthcare and medical
  • ITS (Intelligent traffic solutions)
  • ... and many more