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Compact, flexible, modular IEEE 1394 2 Megapixel C-Mount camera

The Marlin F-201B/C is equipped with a highly sensitive SONY CCD sensor.
It runs at 12.5 fps (full resolution, Format_7). Higher frame rates can be reached by a smaller AOI and binning.

  • Sony ICX274 (removable IR cut filter)
  • Trigger
    • Edge mode, trigger level control, single trigger, bulk trigger, programmable trigger delay
  • Options
    • Various IR cut/pass filters
    • CS-Mount
    • Angled head
    • Lateral cable exit
    • White medical housing
Marlin F-201
Interface IEEE 1394a - 400 Mb/s, 1 port
Resolution 1628 x 1236
Sensor Sony ICX274
Sensor type CCD Progressive
Sensor size Type 1/1.8
Cell size 4.4 µm
Lens mount C
Max frame rate at full resolution 12 fps
A/D 12 bit
On-board FIFO 8 MB
Bit depth 8-10 bit
Mono modes Mono8, Mono16
Color modes YUV YUV411, YUV422
Color modes RGB RGB8
Raw modes Raw8
General purpose inputs/outputs (GPIOs)
Opto-coupled I/Os 2 inputs, 2 outputs
RS-232 1
Operating conditions/Dimensions
Power requirements (DC) 8 V - 36 V
Power consumption (12 V) <3 W
Mass <120 g
Body Dimensions
(L x W x H in mm)
72 x 44x 29 mm including connectors, w/o tripod and lens
Regulations CE, FCC Class B, RoHS

Download Marlin technical drawing (click here)

Marlin cameras are equipped with many useful real-time image pre-processing functions. They are performed by the FPGA inside the camera – with no additional CPU load on the host, so that an inexpensive system is sufficient.

  • Programmable LUT, white balance, hue, saturation
  • Debayering
  • Gain
    • Auto/manual
    • Manual gain control: 0 - 24 dB
  • Exposure
    • Auto/manual
    • Exposure time: 59 µs - 67 s
  • Color correction
  • Shading correction
  • Sub-sampling, 2x binning (b/w)
  • AOI (with speed increase)
  • Sequence mode - changes the image settings on the fly
  • Image mirror
  • Deferred image transport
  • SIS (secure image signature, time stamp for trigger, frame count etc.)
  • Storable user settings

With its modular and flexible design and the real-time pre-processing functions, this Marlin camera fits for many applications:

  • Machine vision
  • Quality control
  • Industrial inspection
  • Intelligent traffic systems
  • ... and many more

Application Case Studies:

  • Do Perfect Eyeglasses Exist?
    Healthcare & Medical: How Rodenstock, a world leader in ophthalmic optics, uses individual face measurement for tailor-made eyeglasses.

  • Imaging makes agriculture greener
    An innovative system with digital cameras from Allied Vision technologies scans field surfaces for weeds, minimizing herbicide use.