Digital Industrial Cameras for Traffic Applications by Allied Vision Technologies

Allied Vision Technologies (AVT) cameras have passed the road test. Deployed in sophisticated ITS systems around the world, AVT cameras feature advanced triggering, strobe, synchronization features, and flexible programmability.

A Camera for Every ITS Need

AVT’s industrial cameras are ideal for a wide range of ITS applications that require excellent image quality, high resolution, advanced camera controls and overall high performance in demanding traffic environments and varying light conditions. With long range connectivity options and a robust housing, you’ll never worry where to park them.

Whether you need a camera for your open road tolling, congestion charging, parking or speed and red light enforcement system, we have the model that will drive your system.


The Best Image Quality Even in Difficult Conditions

AVT offers a wide range of cameras from VGA to 29 Megapixel resolution. Along with Truesense CCD and CMOS sensors several AVT cameras also feature Sony EXview HAD CCD sensors that provide high sensitivity and near IR performance making them ideal for night-time imaging using an IR light source, minimizing shutter times and producing sharp, high quality images with excellent dynamic range. 

Our Prosilica GT cameras feature the fastest CCD and CMOS sensors currently available offering resolutions from 1 to 29 Megapixels. Using the Prosilica GT in an open-road tolling application, system integrators are able to reduce the number of cameras per lane and improve the accuracy of license plate recognition by capturing multiple images of each vehicle.


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Flexible Interoperability

Our Prosilica GT cameras offer Precise Iris and DC auto-iris lens control allowing users to select an F-stop opening to optimize the depth of field, exposure time and gain at a given ambient light level without additional lens components reducing system cost, size and weight.

In addition, all AVT cameras offer many advanced features: low-latency trigger for timely image capture, flexible exposure, gain and binning modes to adapt to any outdoor lighting conditions, digital shutter (global shutter), high sensitivity to minimize motion blur and image distortion, as well as configurable I/O to synchronize the image-capture process with traffic system peripherals such as ground loop, radar or laser triggers and LED or Xenon lighting.


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High Bandwidth for 24/7 Imaging

AVT offers cameras with FireWire (IEEE1394a, IEEE1394b) and Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) interfaces. The AVT camera line-up includes the Prosilica GT, a range of cameras specifically designed for outdoor imaging in extreme temperatures (from -20°C to +65°C).

The high bandwidth facilitates continuous image output and supports high resolution imagers operating continuously at very high frame rates, 24/7.


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Get Started

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