Article Description
CM12-Mount adapter C-Mount to M12-Mount, lensation AD02F (for K4100630)
CM12-Mount adapter C-Mount to M12-Mount
CF-Mount adapter Hama adapter to use Nikon F-Mount lenses on C-Mount cameras.
Lens CS to C adapter Adapter, 5 mm spacer ring, CS-to-C
F-Mount Kit (GE-Series) Kit, Field conversion to F-Mount (selected models only)
Birger EF-Mount, Modular Option -09 F-mount to Birger EF-mount conversion kit for AVT Prosilica GE/GT/GX cameras, Birger EF lens control
Adjustable C-Mount and ring Adjustable C-Mount and ring for GE, GC, GB, GS, GX, GT Series
Adjustable CS-Mount and ring Adjustable CS-Mount and ring for Prosilica GE, GC, GB, GS, GX, GT cameras
Tool, C/CS-Mount adjustment wrench Tool, C/CS-Mount adjustment wrench
CS-Mount conversion Customization, factory convert to CS-Mount (select models only)