Application Case Studies

AVT helps Laetus with Camera Cure-All

Leading provider of quality control solutions for pharmaceutical industry standardizes camera module with special development from Allied Vision Technologies.

13 April 2010

Real-Time 3D Cinema under the Microscope

At VISION 2009, Allied Vision Technologies presented an innovative stereomicroscopy application. Thanks to TYTEC Software and AVT GigE Vision HD cameras, a stereo microscope can display three-dimensional images in real time on the screen.

10 November 2009

Every Nook and Cranny

The Mephisto Extreme 3D-Scanner from 3DDynamics relies on AVT Pike digital cameras to scan objects, humans, animals or plants with the highest possible precision in three dimensions.

09 November 2009

Virtual Prototypes

Using “Augmented Reality,” auto manufacturers can integrate virtual CAD prototypes into actual modules or vehicles to find and solve assembly problems before production begins. The Unifeye Prototyping System from Metaio with AVT digital cameras makes it possible.

09 November 2009

Motion Capture With AVT Cameras Makes Orthopedic Diagnosis Easier

With the aid of high-speed Pike cameras and SIMI Motion Software, doctors and scientists are researching musculoskeletal dysfunction and can already offer new therapies to patients, tailored to their individual needs.

13 October 2009

Drop by Drop Inspection

A new precision measuring device with imaging built in inspects the properties of ink jets for printers right down to the microdrop.

28 August 2009

Cotton Interlaced

How Guppy interlaced digital cameras provided an easy and affordable migration from analog to digital interface in Indian cotton testing machines.

06 May 2009