Our Values

Our vision is to become the leading digital camera manufacturer for machine vision in the world. This vision is supported by our parent company AUGUSTA Technologie AG and is part of its strategy. We share with all AUGUSTA companies the same values that define the way we work and behave with our stakeholders. By stakeholders we mean all the people inside and outside the company who interact with the AUGUSTA Group, e.g. executives, employees, customers, vendors, technology partners, shareholders, etc. Our definition of stakeholders also includes the environment and public opinion.

We are...

as a result of economic success by being faster and more flexible and competent than the competition; and we move at the highest levels of technology;
to feedback, suggestions, criticism, different cultures, new and innovative ideas; we communicate openly and promptly about all important issues;


in spirit and action; we have great expectations of ourselves and create an environment that is conducive to performance in order to achieve the results that we have planned; in doing so, we are farsighted and future-oriented
responsible in our interaction with people, resources and the environment; the focus is on the individual; we take calculated risks;

dependable, predictable and fair; we maintain a long-term positive business relationship and live up to the trust placed in us.

The corporate values create high standards for every one of us. We feel committed to our values and our success is sustained if every single one of us respects and consistently lives by the values.