Code of Ethics of the AUGUSTA Group

As a member of the AUGUSTA Technologie Group, Allied Vision Technologies is committed to its Code of Ethics:

1. Dealing with Employees or Colleagues

Dealing with each other

  • We are committed to fostering a workplace that is safe and that is founded on fair employment practices.
  • We respect the rights and dignity of all employees.
  • We believe that every employee is entitled to fair treatment, courtesy and respect.
  • We do not tolerate discrimination, abuse or harassment in any form.

Conflicts of interest

  • We avoid conflicts of interest at all times.
  • We manage those conflicts that can not be avoided by including the next higher level of management for resolution.
  • We actively disclose any apparent or real conflicts of interest.

Data protection

  • We are absolutely committed to protecting the personal data of our employees, customers, suppliers and others.
  • We will only acquire and retain personal data that is required for the effective operation of AUGUSTA or required by law.

2. Dealing with Customers and Partners


  • We do not tolerate bribery; we never give or accept, directly or indirectly, a bribe in any form.
  • We ensure that third parties acting on behalf of AUGUSTA refrain from giving or accepting bribes, directly or indirectly.

Gifts and entertainment

  • We act in accordance with our local gift and entertainment policy.
  • Competition
  • We support lawful and ethical competition and will comply with all competition or anti trust laws.


  • We choose suppliers based on merit.
  • We encourage our suppliers to comply with legal requirements and to act in a manner that is consistent with our Code of Ethics.

3. Dealing with Shareholders

Financial Reporting and Communication

  • We ensure that the reporting of business information – computerised, on paper or in any other format – is accurate, honest and timely.
  • We provide all members of the public with equal access to the same honest and accurate information.
  • We forward any enquiries relevant to the AUGUSTA Group to Investor Relations.

Insider dealing

  • We refrain from dealing in AUGUSTA shares based on “inside information” obtained from our jobs. Protecting company secrets
  • We take adequate steps to protect confidential information which we have in our possession.
  • We do not use the confidential information that we possess from other companies.
  • We protect all inventions made by employees or by third parties for use by AUGUSTA.

Protecting company assets

  • We use company assets, including Information Technology assets for legitimate business purposes only.
  • We ensure that the company does not incur a significant increase in cost when we use company resources, such as photocopiers or telephones, for personal use.

4. Dealing with the Environment

Safety, Health

  • We are committed to creating and managing a safe, secure and healthy working environment.


  • We conduct our activities within full compliance of environmental laws.
  • We make an effort to minimize environmental pollution and make continuous improvements in environmental protection.