Instructions for Installing Prosilica's GigE cameras - Single camera / single port combination

Installation Guide for GigE Vision Cameras

This installation guide assumes an Intel Pro/1000 GT network interface in the host computer. For other interface cards, the steps required are almost the same. Notes are included for non-Intel interface cards where there is likely to be a difference.

1. Install the network card in the host computer.  To achieve full camera performance, you should use a Gigabit Ethernet card that supports "Jumbo frames" of at least 9KB size. Likewise, any network switches used in your configuration should also support Jumbo Frames of that size.

2. Once installed, open your “Network Connections” (Start -> Control Panel->Network Connections) and right-click on the network connection corresponding to the card that was just installed. In the example that follows we have selected the “Intel® PRO/1000 GT” network connection icon.

3. Select “Properties” from the contextual menu that appears when you right click the network connection icon. This will open the properties window.

4. In the properties window, click on “Configure” button in order to configure the network card for Jumbo Frames.

5. Select the “Advanced” tab. In the “Property” list and make the following changes:
(a) select “Jumbo Frames” and change the value to 9014 bytes or higher.
(b) select “Receive Descriptors” on the same list and change the value to 512
(c) select "Performance Options" and set "Interupt Moderate Rate" to "Extreme"

Click on “OK” to validate your change (the “Properties” window will close). The Property list will be different between different types/brands of gigabit Ethernet interface cards. If "Jumbo Frames" does not appear in this list, then your card probably does not support it. If your card does not support Jumbo Frames, then you may not be able to achieve the full performance of the camera.

6. Re-open the "Properties" of the PRO/1000 GT adapter by right-clicking the Local Area Connection "Intel® PRO/1000 GT" network connection icon in the Network Connections window and select the "Advanced" tab at the top of the Properties dialog.

7. In the "Windows Firewall" section, select "Settings". In the Settings dialog choose "Off" to turn off the Windows firewall. The camera will not work if the firewall is active. If you installed the Prosilica GigE filter driver, this step is not required.

8. Re-open the “Properties” of the PRO/1000 GT adapter by right-clicking the Local Area Connection “Intel® PRO/1000 GT” network connection icon in the Network Connections window and select “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” from the list of items used by the connection. Click on the “Properties” button, then select “Use the following IP address” and enter in the IP address field*. The subnet mask is  Click on the “Ok” button to save your changes.

*The network card IP address can be almost any value as long as this does not conflict with another device on the network. 

 9. Back in the connection properties dialog, in the list of items used by the connection, un-check every item except “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)”, then click “Ok”. The card is now fully configured for use with a Prosilica GE-Series gigabit Ethernet camera.

10. Download and install the “Prosilica GigE Viewer Installer.exe” and follow the on-screen instructions. This will install the viewer in “Start->All programs->Prosilica”

11. Connect a CAT-5e Ethernet cable between the camera and the network card and connect the external power supply to the camera.

12. Start the “GigEViewer” application from “Start->All Programs->Prosilica”. The camera should appear in the list of cameras in the viewer (may take a few seconds). Select the camera, and then click on the icon that looks like an eye. A window will appear and the camera will start streaming live images. The gain and shutter speed controls can be adjusted within  the control window (the tool icon), by selecting the appropriate attributes (Gain, Exposure) under the “Controls” group and then entering new values in the dialog that appears at the bottom of the control window.  Enter the new attribute value using the slider or the text entry field to select the desired value, and then hit return, or click on the green checkmark. To save an image to a TIFF image file, right click on the live image view and select "Save".


It may take some time for the camera to be recognized by the host computer. If the camera doesn’t appear in the viewer’s list after 10s, reset the camera by disconnecting and re-connecting the power. If it still doesn’t appear, restart the viewer.

The size of the live window can be adjusted to fit the screen by right clicking on it and selecting the ratio of the full frame desired (10% to 100%) and then selecting "scale image"

Minimizing the "Live View" window will dramatically reduce CPU usage.

Right click on the live view window and select "Save" to save the current image as a TIFF file


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