Third Party Software

This list is intended as an overview of third party software options for AVT customers, as identified by our staff, business partners, and customers.  AVT is pleased to be a part of this community of providers, but cannot endorse one product or manufacturer relative to another. Allied Vision Technologies does not officially support third party software. Therefore, any questions regarding such software should be directed to the respective manufacturer.

ActiveDcam and ActiveGigE are universal ActiveX-based SDKs designed to provide developers with an easy, efficient access to FireWire (IIEE1394) and GigE Vision® compliant digital cameras.

Adaptive Vision Studio makes it possible to create the most powerful vision algorithms in a purely graphical environment.  It is easy to use, highly interactive and still able to solve even the most challenging quality inspection tasks.

VisionPro provides a library of industrial-grade vision software tools. Whether you prefer drag and drop, scripting, or programming (VB.NET or C#), VisionPro seamlessly supports all modes of development… and everything in between.

Open eVision is a suite of software tools for industrial vision and contains DLLs, ActiveX controls and .NET components for image processing and analysis.

MATLAB and Simulink enable users to perform algorithm development, data visualization, analysis, simulation, and embedded design for DSPs and FPGAs. Additionally, the Image Acquisition Toolbox enables users to acquire images and video directly from cameras into MATLAB and Simulink for image and video processing applications.

Vimba users can work with MATLAB.

Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) a high-level programming library for image capture, image processing, pattern recognition, and many more…

Image-Pro image processing and analysis software for scientists and professionals in research, medicine, production and quality control.

AVT Image-Pro Capture Driver

This image capture driver can be used with the following Media Cybernetics software solutions:

  • Image-Pro Plus v7.0
  • Image-Pro Insight v8.0
  • Image-Pro Premier v9.0 (x86 only)
  • Gel-Pro Analyzer v3.1+

It can be used with all AVT GigE Vision cameras and all former VDS Vosskühler cameras.


AVT Image-Pro Capture Driver v2.0

Release Information

User Guide


HALCON provides a comprehensive standard software library with an integrated development environment (IDE) for machine vision applications.

ActivVisionTools is an application creator with graphical interface using a set of ActiveX controls with programmable interface.

NI provides many image processing solutions, like LabVIEW, NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection, and others…

NeuroCheck is a general purpose image processing system for industrial quality control.

AVT NeuroCheck Interface

The AVT NeuroCheck Interface is compatible to NeuroCheck v6.0 SP3+.

AVT NeuroCheck Interface v4.0
, Release Information, User Guide

Streampix records live un-compressed or compressed video directly to your PC's RAM or hard disk drive in real time.

TroublePix is a software solution for event capture, monitoring and troubleshooting.

Open CV a free (open source) image processing library mainly aimed at real time computer vision that can be used independently of the operating system.

Furthermore, the libdc1394 is an open-source library mainly designed for Linux and MAC OS that provides a high level programming interface for application developers who want to control IEEE1394 based cameras conforming to the IIDC/DCAM standards.

Southern Vision Systems created an economical video recording package: ProStream, which supports all AVT GigE cameras.

Common Vision Blox is an open architecture, hardware independent machine vision library for professionals. Classical programming via compilers as well as modern programming via GUI can be applied with this powerful software platform.

Scorpion Vision Software is an independent and open software tool for 2D and 3D industrial vision. It is designed to be a powerful and flexible tool to implement demanding tasks without any kind of programming.

Fire-i API is a complete SDK for developing and debugging professional applications for 1394 IIDC digital cameras.

Fire-i X SDK provides developers a quick and simple way to add camera imaging to their projects utilizing ActiveX and .net programming environments.