Legacy Software (SDKs, Apps, Adapters, and Interfaces)

Here you can find legacy SDKs and other legacy software products from AVT. Please note that AVT doesn't provide full support for all legacy SDKs. AVT's recommended SDK is VIMBA.

Note for Windows 8 users: 
All SDKs principally run under Windows 8. However, the final tests are not yet complete and the installers are made for earlier Windows versions. For comments or questions please contact

Legacy SDKs


Legacy SDK for AVT's GigE Vision cameras (not compatible with Goldeye, Pearleye, Bigeye P). Operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit):

  • Windows 2000 (32 bit only), Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.
  • Linux Distributions – Ubuntu (primary support) , Suse, MontaVista Linux, Redhat, Fedora Core, etc.
  • QNX 6.3, QNX 6.4.
  • OSX 10.4.x, OSX 10.5.x, OSX 10.6.x, OSX 10.7.x, OSX 10.8.x.

AVT ensures product maintenance for PvAPI until 2016.

PvAPI SDK for Windows  v1.28, PvAPI SDK for Linux v1.28, PvAPI SDK for OSX v1.28, PvAPI SDK for QNX v1.28

AVT FirePackage

Legacy SDK for AVT's 1394 cameras.

Please note:
The driver requires a separate license for non-AVT cameras.

AVT FirePackage v3.1.1, Release Notes, User Guide

AVT Universal Package

Legacy SDK (Windows) for AVT 1394 and GigE cameras. The latest version 2.2.0 enables using new camera models (Mako, Manta). Details are listed in the Release Information.

AVT Universal Package 2.2.0, Release Information, User Guide

AVT Active FirePackage

Legacy SDK (Windows) for AVT 1394 cameras.

AVT Active FirePackage v3.0, Release Information, User Guide

AVT DirectStreamPackage

Legacy SDK (Windows) for AVT 1394 cameras.

AVT Direct Stream Package v2.0, Release Information, User Guide

Enable plug & play for non-AVT IIDC cameras with the hotfix:
Select the subfolder "driver" and replace the file AVT1394DSPCamera.inf with the same-named file from the hotfix.

Hotfix for Direct Stream Package

Legacy Apps

GigE Sample Viewer

Legacy viewer application for AVT GigE cameras.

GigE Sample Viewer for Windows v1.26


Legacy viewer application for AVT 1394 cameras.

AVT SmartView v1.14.1, User Guide, Release Notes

Legacy Adapters and Interfaces

AVT 1394 BusDriverPackage

The AVT 1394 BusDriverPackage enables AVT 1394b cameras to run at S800 data rate (800Mbps) under Windows Vista and XP (SP2/SP3).

AVT 1394 Bus Driver Package v1.0, User Guide

AVT Adaptor for MATLAB Image Acquisition

Supported MATLAB relases: R2008b or later.

AVT Adaptor for MATLAB Image Acquisition_v2.0
User GuideRelease NotesSample Collection